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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This isn't the gun you are looking for, Part 2.

Ceci n'est pas une fusil.

Even though it shoots a rifle cartridge, it is not a rifle because it looks like a pistol, which means you can use it for hunting deer in Indiana. There was a gun shop in Rockwell City, Iowa for a while, and the owner had several similar items, that is, pistols that shot rifle cartridges. I thought it was kind of strange for the shop to be there since the town was so small, but I suppose the rent was cheap. I also thought the guns were a little odd, I mean why would you want something like this? But once you add in the bit about deer hunting it starts to make sense. Picture and caption stolen from View from the Porch.

Part 1 here, except stupid Blogger lost the picture.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Where does an 800 pound motorcycle sleep?

Stopped by to visit some friends from our old neighborhood yesterday. Bob has traded in his Corvette for an 800 pound Harley. He's done some touring on it, but now he's got a hip joint acting up. He's planning on getting it replaced this fall. Maybe more riding in the spring, or maybe he'll trade it for a boat.
    Harley engines always used to be 74 cubic inch, or 1200 cc, displacement. They were that way for so long I didn't think they'd ever change, but now they are getting bigger. I think Bob told me that this one is over 90. Some are over 100 cubic inches.

Waiting in line at Sky Harbor

Back on August 14th we flew to Omaha, Nebraska. Our cheap airline tickets took us through Phoenix. There were like 8 airliners queued up ahead of us. Once they got rolling it didn't take long to get us all airborne. I think there may have been a one minute interval between aircraft.
    First time I have seen a train over a taxiway. That bridge must be a hundred feet tall.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Photographs of the Dark

When I first saw this image on my screen, most of it appeared to be solid black. After a bit I realized that the amount of blackness was directly related to my viewing angle. Straight on and I could see the gauges on the dash, A few degrees off in any direction caused them to fade into blackness. 

 I used the Fill Light feature in Picasa to lighten things up a bit. It isn't crystal clear, but at least you see where you are.
KC-135 Stratotanker Cockpit over Eastern Afghanistan.(U.S. Air Force photo by Vernon Young Jr.)


The clue on today's Jumble is:
ENVELOPE would satisfy the riddle, but it didn't have enough letters to fill the available space. I found a word that satisfied the on-line version of the puzzle, but I don't understand how it relates to this riddle, if it does at all. The answer to the puzzle is RESERVATIONS (Highlight to read).

Screen Saver Glitch, Part 3

I think my old display is dead. That bit about the loose power cable was a red-herring. It died completely the very next day. I'm still debating whether it is worth taking apart and reassembling, because that is really all I would be able to do. I doubt whether I would find any visible damage, and I would not be able to find any invisible damage without special knowledge, like a schematic. Even with a schematic it would be a losing proposition. I probably should just add it to the pile of other broken electronic crap and prepare to cart it off to the recycler.
Right click on the desktop to get a popup menu, then click Properties which will get you this dialog box.

    I replaced it with another old one I had sitting around. It is slightly smaller and has a different screen resolution. When I plugged it in, it did not look quite right, so I checked the specs and then pulled up the screen settings and found the numbers I wanted weren't there. Huh. Oh well, this will work well enough for a while.
    Then, for some unrelated reason, I rebooted and when I went back and checked the screen settings the numbers were all different. (Cue spooky Twilight Zone music. Detroit Steve sent me the link, possibly in response to an earlier post.) The numbers for the old, higher resolution display were gone, replaced by numbers corresponding to the new monitor.
    I am still running Windows XP. My wife's old Dell started being more flaky than reliable, so we replaced it with one with Windows 7 that younger son put together. It seems to work okay. Magic Marc tells the lunch bunch that Windows 7 is the best OS he's ever used. Younger son abandoned his machine in favor of a $200 Google netbook.
    I bought another old Windows XP machine for my bookkeeper. She comes in once a week for an hour or so. I turned it off when I left for Iowa. Now I can't get it to restart. It might just be the display. I guess maybe you do get what you pay for. I might have to replace some of my ancient XP machines with new Windows 7 boxes. Grrr. That means change, and I hate change.